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2009, Vol. 12, Issue 2

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Effect of Computer-Based Video Games on Children: An Experimental Study

Tsung-Yen Chuang, Wei-Fan Chen

Pages 1–10 ABSTRACT Download Article[284 Kb] 3013

Using Blogs to Enhance Critical Reflection and Community of Practice

Shih-Hsien Yang

Pages 11–21 ABSTRACT Download Article[190 Kb] 12200

Automated Inattention and Fatigue Detection System in Distance Education for Elementary School Students

Kuo-An Hwang, Chia-Hao Yang

Pages 22–35 ABSTRACT Download Article[693 Kb] 2020

The Instructional Effect of Online Reading Strategies and Learning Styles on Student Academic Achievement

Pei-Hsuan Hsieh, Francis Dwyer

Pages 36–50 ABSTRACT Download Article[309 Kb] 6223

MEAT: An Authoring Tool for Generating Adaptable Learning Resources

Yen-Hung Kuo, Yueh-Min Huang

Pages 51–68 ABSTRACT Download Article[1,759 Kb] 1914

Qualitative assessment across language barriers: An action research study

Johannes C. Cronjé

Pages 69–85 ABSTRACT Download Article[810 Kb] 1949

An Exploration of Pre-Service Teachers’ Perceptions of Learning to Teach while Using Asynchronous Discussion Board

Lasisi Ajayi

Pages 86–100 ABSTRACT Download Article[222 Kb] 2418

A Capstone Experience for Preservice Teachers: Building a Web-Based Portfolio

Leah M. Herner-Patnode, Hea-Jin Lee

Pages 101–110 ABSTRACT Download Article[468 Kb] 2642

Evaluating an Intelligent Tutoring System for Design Patterns: the DEPTHS Experience

Zoran Jeremic, Jelena Jovanovic, Dragan Gasevic

Pages 111–130 ABSTRACT Download Article[663 Kb] 2060

Digital Students in a Book-Oriented School: Students’ Perceptions of School and the Usability of Digital Technology in Schools

Yifat Ben-David Kolikant

Pages 131–143 ABSTRACT Download Article[249 Kb] 1879

A Markov-based Recommendation Model for Exploring the Transfer of Learning on the Web

Yueh-Min Huang, Tien-Chi Huang, Kun-Te Wang, Wu-Yuin Hwang

Pages 144–162 ABSTRACT Download Article[1,233 Kb] 1825

An Educational Mobile Blogging System for Supporting Collaborative Learning

Yueh-Min Huang, Yu-Lin Jeng, Tien-Chi Huang

Pages 163–175 ABSTRACT Download Article[1,337 Kb] 2993

Affective e-Learning: Using “Emotional” Data to Improve Learning in Pervasive Learning Environment

Liping Shen, Minjuan Wang, Ruimin Shen

Pages 176–189 ABSTRACT Download Article[420 Kb] 5565

Wireless Handhelds to Support Clinical Nursing Practicum

Cheng-Chih Wu, Chin-Yuan Lai

Pages 190–204 ABSTRACT Download Article[323 Kb] 5545

A Coursework Support System for Offering Challenges and Assistance by Analyzing Students’ Web Portfolios

Liang-Yi Li, Gwo-Dong Chen

Pages 205–221 ABSTRACT Download Article[545 Kb] 4944

Intra-action, Interaction and Outeraction in blended learning environments

Wu-Yuin Hwang, Jung-Lung Hsu, Alexei Tretiakov, Huey-Wen Chou, Ching-Yuan Lee

Pages 222–239 ABSTRACT Download Article[1,453 Kb] 2199

CogSkillnet: An Ontology-Based Representation of Cognitive Skills

Petek Askar, Arif Altun

Pages 240–253 ABSTRACT Download Article[604 Kb] 2164

Engaging students in multimedia-mediated Constructivist learning – Students’ perceptions

Mai Neo, Tse-Kian Neo

Pages 254–266 ABSTRACT Download Article[527 Kb] 4490

Comparing Learning Performance of Students Using Algorithm Visualizations Collaboratively on Different Engagement Levels

Mikko-Jussi Laakso, Niko Myller, Ari Korhonen

Pages 267–282 ABSTRACT Download Article[441 Kb] 1805

Developmental Progression of Referential Resolution in Comprehending Online Texts

Yu-Fen Yang, Ya-Chen Hung

Pages 283–297 ABSTRACT Download Article[687 Kb] 5038

Attitudes and Satisfaction with a Hybrid Model of Counseling Supervision

Steven R. Conn, Richard L. Roberts, Barbara M. Powell

Pages 298–306 ABSTRACT Download Article[195 Kb] 5766

Modeling Academic Education Processes by Dynamic Storyboarding

Yoshitaka Sakurai, Shinichi Dohi, Setsuo Tsuruta, Rainer Knauf

Pages 307–333 ABSTRACT Download Article[880 Kb] 2707
Book ReviewsTimes Downloaded:

Technology-mediated Learning Environments for Young English Learners

Reviewer: Griff Richards

Pages 334-336   Download Article[138 Kb] 2805

Tips for Teaching with CALL: Practical Approaches to Computer-assisted Language Learning

Reviewer: Ferit Kilickaya

Pages 337-338   Download Article[131 Kb] 4232