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2012, Vol. 15, Issue 1

Special Issue on "Technology Supported Cognition and Exploratory Learning"

Guest Editor(s): Dirk Ifenthaler, Pedro Isaias, Kinshuk, Demetrios G. Sampson and J. Michael Spector

Special Issue ArticlesTimes Downloaded:

Guest Editorial - Technology Supported Cognition and Exploratory Learning

Dirk Ifenthaler, Pedro Isaias, Kinshuk, Demetrios G. Sampson, J. Michael Spector

Pages 1–1   Download Article[32 Kb] 2099

Epistemological Beliefs and Ill-structured Problem-solving in Solo and Paired Contexts

Charoula Angeli, Nicos Valanides

Pages 2–14 ABSTRACT Download Article[113 Kb] 1844

A Study on Exploiting Commercial Digital Games into School Context

Hercules Panoutsopoulos, Demetrios G. Sampson

Pages 15–27 ABSTRACT Download Article[179 Kb] 2201

Aberrance Detection Powers of the BW and Person-Fit Indices

Tsai-Wei Huang

Pages 28–37 ABSTRACT Download Article[164 Kb] 1529

Determining the effectiveness of prompts for self-regulated learning in problem-solving scenarios

Dirk Ifenthaler

Pages 38–52 ABSTRACT Download Article[218 Kb] 1815

Presence and Middle School Students’ Participation in a Virtual Game Environment to Assess Science Inquiry

Catherine C. Schifter, Diane Jass Ketelhut, Brian C. Nelson

Pages 53–63 ABSTRACT Download Article[635 Kb] 1740
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Any Effects of Different Levels of Online User Identity Revelation?

Fu-Yun Yu

Pages 64–77 ABSTRACT Download Article[155 Kb] 1619

Relationship between Students’ Emotional Intelligence, Social Bond, and Interactions in Online Learning

Heeyoung Han, Scott D. Johnson

Pages 78–89 ABSTRACT Download Article[195 Kb] 1741

A Folksonomy-based Guidance Mechanism for Context-aware Ubiquitous Learning: A Case Study of Chinese Scenic Poetry Appreciation Activities

Wen-Chung Shih, Shian-Shyong Tseng, Che-Ching Yang, Chih-Yu Lin, Tyne Liang

Pages 90–101 ABSTRACT Download Article[282 Kb] 1863

How Concept-mapping Perception Navigates Student Knowledge Transfer Performance

Kuo-Hung Tseng, Chi-Cheng Chang, Shi-Jer Lou, Yue Tan, Chien-Jung Chiu

Pages 102–115 ABSTRACT Download Article[292 Kb] 1808

Elementary School Students’ Perceptions of the New Science and Technology Curriculum by Gender

Mehmet Nuri Gömleksiz

Pages 116–126 ABSTRACT Download Article[160 Kb] 1869

Student Satisfaction, Performance, and Knowledge Construction in Online Collaborative Learning

Chang Zhu

Pages 127–136 ABSTRACT Download Article[140 Kb] 1875

Design of a Motivational Scaffold for the Malaysian e-Learning Environment

Nor Aziah Alias

Pages 137–151 ABSTRACT Download Article[590 Kb] 1694

Understanding of the Relationship Between Interest and Expectancy for Success in Engineering Design Activity in Grades 9–12

Oenardi Lawanto, Harry B. Santoso, Yang Liu

Pages 152–161 ABSTRACT Download Article[150 Kb] 1590

An Investigation into Parent-Child Collaboration in Learning Computer Programming

Janet Mei-Chuen Lin, Shu-Fen Liu

Pages 162–173 ABSTRACT Download Article[263 Kb] 1597

Examination of Co-construction of Knowledge in Videotaped Simulated Instruction

Sitkiye Kuter, Zehra Altinay Gazi, Fahriye Altinay Aksal

Pages 174–184 ABSTRACT Download Article[95 Kb] 1916

Prospective EFL Teachers’ Perceptions of ICT Integration: A Study of Distance Higher Education in Turkey

Murat Hismanoglu

Pages 185–196 ABSTRACT Download Article[159 Kb] 1849

The Impact of Recurrent On-line Synchronous Scientific Argumentation on Students’ Argumentation and Conceptual Change

Chien-Hsien Chen, Hsiao-Ching She

Pages 197–210 ABSTRACT Download Article[641 Kb] 1773

Analyzing the Learning Process of an Online Role-Playing Discussion Activity

Huei-Tse Hou

Pages 211–222 ABSTRACT Download Article[166 Kb] 1634

A Context-Aware Mobile Learning System for Supporting Cognitive Apprenticeships in Nursing Skills Training

Po-Han Wu, Gwo-Jen Hwang, Liang-Hao Su, Yueh-Min Huang

Pages 223–236 ABSTRACT Download Article[493 Kb] 3260

Exploring Non-traditional Learning Methods in Virtual and Real-world Environments

Rebeka Lukman, Majda Krajnc

Pages 237–247 ABSTRACT Download Article[102 Kb] 1721

Learning Achievement in Solving Word-Based Mathematical Questions through a Computer-Assisted Learning System

Tzu-Hua Huang, Yuan-Chen Liu, Hsiu-Chen Chang

Pages 248–259 ABSTRACT Download Article[519 Kb] 1796

Patterns of Interaction and Participation in a Large Online Course: Strategies for Fostering Sustainable Discussion

Jiyeon Lee

Pages 260–272 ABSTRACT Download Article[130 Kb] 1587

A Fuzzy Logic-based Personalized Learning System for Supporting Adaptive English Learning

Tung-Cheng Hsieh, Tzone-I Wang, Chien-Yuan Su, Ming-Che Lee

Pages 273–288 ABSTRACT Download Article[1,059 Kb] 2222

Shared Mental Models on the Performance of e-Learning Content Development Teams

Il-Hyun Jo

Pages 289–297 ABSTRACT Download Article[117 Kb] 1568

Intelligent Discovery for Learning Objects Using Semantic Web Technologies

I-Ching Hsu

Pages 298–312 ABSTRACT Download Article[489 Kb] 1818

A Model for Predicting Learning Flow and Achievement in Corporate e-Learning

Young Ju Joo, Kyu Yon Lim, Su Mi Kim

Pages 313–325 ABSTRACT Download Article[226 Kb] 1724

Providing Adaptivity in Moodle LMS Courses

Marijana Despotović-Zrakić, Aleksandar Marković, Zorica Bogdanović, Dušan Barać, Srdjan Krčo

Pages 326–338 ABSTRACT Download Article[495 Kb] 2723

Agent Prompts: Scaffolding for Productive Reflection in an Intelligent Learning Environment

Longkai Wu, Chee-Kit Looi

Pages 339–353 ABSTRACT Download Article[597 Kb] 1695

Utilizing a Collaborative Cross Number Puzzle Game to Develop the Computing Ability of Addition and Subtraction

Yen-Hua Chen, Chee-Kit Looi, Chiu-Pin Lin, Yin-Juan Shao, Tak-Wai Chan

Pages 354–366 ABSTRACT Download Article[561 Kb] 1704

Effects of Speech-to-Text Recognition Application on Learning Performance in Synchronous Cyber Classrooms

Wu-Yuin Hwang, Rustam Shadiev, Tony C. T. Kuo, Nian-Shing Chen

Pages 367–380 ABSTRACT Download Article[280 Kb] 1920

Teachers’ Belief and Use of Interactive Whiteboards for Teaching and Learning

Yalın Kılıç Türel, Tristan E. Johnson

Pages 381–394 ABSTRACT Download Article[239 Kb] 2034