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Upcoming Special Issues

  • Fostering Deep Learning in Problem Solving Contexts with Technology SupportDeadline of Submission: 10-April-2017
    Guest Editor(s): Dr Wang Minhong (Faculty of Education, The University of Hong Kong), Dr. Sharon Derry (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill), Dr. Xun Ge (University of Oklahoma)View this post in full link
  • Special Issue CfP: "Digital Citizenship: Innovations in Education, Practice, and Pedagogy"Deadline of Submission: 06-April-2017
    Guest Editor(s): Dr. Dana Ruggiero (Institute for Education, Bath Spa University), Dr. Chien Chou (Institute of Education, National Chiao Tung University)View this post in full link

2017, Volume 20

January 2017 Issue 1 "“HOW” to Design, Implement and Evaluate the Flipped Classroom? – A Synthesis" Table of Contents

2016, Volume 19

July 2016 Issue 3 "Technology Enhanced Quality Education for All – Outcomes from EDUsummIT 2015" Table of Contents
April 2016 Issue 2 "Intelligent and Affective Learning Environments: New Trends and Challenges" Table of Contents
January 2016 Issue 1 "Technology Support for Fostering Life-Long Learning of Learners with Disabilities" Table of Contents

2015, Volume 18

October 2015 Issue 4 "Managing Cognitive Load in Technology-Based Learning Environments" Table of Contents
July 2015 Issue 3 "Large Scale Implementations of Academic Research and Academia-Industry Collaboration in Technology-Supported Education" Table of Contents
April 2015 Issue 2 "Technology Supported Assessment in Formal and Informal Learning" Table of Contents
January 2015 Issue 1 "Overcoming the Technological Hurdles Facing Virtual Worlds in Education: The Road to Widespread Deployment" Table of Contents

2014, Volume 17

October 2014 Issue 4 "Review Articles in Educational Technology" Table of Contents
April 2014 Issue 2 "Powering Up: Insights from Distinguished Mobile and Ubiquitous Learning Projects across the World" Table of Contents
January 2014 Issue 1 "Game Based Learning for 21st Century Transferable Skills: Challenges and Opportunities" Table of Contents

2013, Volume 16

April 2013 Issue 2 "Grand Challenges and Research Directions in e-Learning of the 21th Century" Table of Contents
January 2013 Issue 1 "Innovative Technologies for the Seamless Integration of Formal and Informal Learning" Table of Contents

2012, Volume 15

October 2012 Issue 4 "Advanced Learning Technologies" Table of Contents
July 2012 Issue 3 "Learning and Knowledge Analytics" Table of Contents
April 2012 Issue 2 "Navigating in the Digital Era: Digital Literacy: Socio-Cultural and Educational Aspects" Table of Contents
January 2012 Issue 1 "Technology Supported Cognition and Exploratory Learning" Table of Contents

2011, Volume 14

October 2011 Issue 4 "Advanced Learning Technologies" Table of Contents
July 2011 Issue 3 "Knowledge Visualization for Learning and Knowledge Management" Table of Contents
January 2011 Issue 1 "Creative Design: Scaffolding Creative Reasoning and Meaningful Learning" Table of Contents

2010, Volume 13

October 2010 Issue 4 "One-to-One Learning in the Mobile and Ubiquitous Computing Age" Table of Contents
July 2010 Issue 3 "Innovations in Designing Mobile Learning Applications" Table of Contents
January 2010 Issue 1 "Intelligent Tutoring Systems" Table of Contents

2009, Volume 12

October 2009 Issue 4 "New Directions in Advanced Learning Technologies" Table of Contents
July 2009 Issue 3 "Technology Support for Self-Organized Learners" Table of Contents
January 2009 Issue 1 "Knowledge infrastructure of the future" Table of Contents

2008, Volume 11

April 2008 Issue 2 "Context-Aware and Ubiquitous Learning" Table of Contents

2007, Volume 10

October 2007 Issue 4 "Current Approaches to Network-Based Learning in Scandinavia" Table of Contents
July 2007 Issue 3 "Advanced Technologies for Life-Long Learning" Table of Contents
April 2007 Issue 2 "Quality Research for Learning, Education, and Training" Table of Contents
January 2007 Issue 1 "Technology and Change in Educational Practice" Table of Contents

2006, Volume 9

October 2006 Issue 4 "E-learning and Human-Computer Interaction: Exploring Design Synergies for more Effective Learning Experiences" Table of Contents
July 2006 Issue 3 "Next Generation e-Learning Systems: Intelligent Applications and Smart Design" Table of Contents
April 2006 Issue 2 "Interoperability of Educational Systems" Table of Contents
January 2006 Issue 1 "Current Research in Learning Design" Table of Contents

2005, Volume 8

October 2005 Issue 4 "Crafting Learning in Context" Table of Contents
July 2005 Issue 3 "Authoring of Adaptive Hypermedia" Table of Contents

2004, Volume 7

October 2004 Issue 4 "Ontologies and the Semantic Web for E-learning" Table of Contents
April 2004 Issue 2 "Technology-Enhanced Learning" Table of Contents

2003, Volume 6

October 2003 Issue 4 "Digital Contents for Education" Table of Contents
July 2003 Issue 3 "Developing Creativity and Broad Mental Outlook in the Computer Age" Table of Contents
January 2003 Issue 1 "Training Issues for Successful ICT Innovation in Companies" Table of Contents

2002, Volume 5

October 2002 Issue 4 "Innovations in Learning Technology" Table of Contents
July 2002 Issue 3 "Evaluation of Learning Technologies in Higher Education" Table of Contents
April 2002 Issue 2 "Integrating Technology into Learning and Working (Part 2)" Table of Contents
January 2002 Issue 1 "Integrating Technology into Learning and Working (Part 1)" Table of Contents

2001, Volume 4

July 2001 Issue 3 "Curriculum, Instruction, and Learning on the Internet" Table of Contents
April 2001 Issue 2 "Developing Creativity and Large Mental Outlook in the Computer Age" Table of Contents
January 2001 Issue 1 "Technologies and Their Effect on Learning as a Biological Process" Table of Contents

2000, Volume 3

October 2000 Issue 4 "Evaluation of Learning Technology" Table of Contents
July 2000 Issue 3 "On-line Collaborative Learning Environments" Table of Contents
January 2000 Issue 1 "Learning Individually : a Life-Long Perspective" Table of Contents

1999, Volume 2

October 1999 Issue 4 "Embedding Ubiquitous Use of Technology" Table of Contents
July 1999 Issue 3 ""Learning by Doing" State of Distance Education" Table of Contents